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NiNi* In Wonderland

La Reine De Coeurs

17 March
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NiNi* (n.): A quirky female human who can often be found singing, writing, spacing out, playing a guitar, or frolicking about with fellow weird-ones. NiNi*s are sensitive, peaceful, affectionate, and fun-loving beings. Oh, and they're also stubborn, impractical, impulsive, and passive-aggressive. The best way to seduce a NiNi* is to -Waait a second! Hold up! I'm afraid this information is too dangerous for me to disclose. So have fun and good luck. ;)
aimless wandering, alice in wonderland, baking cookies, beach boys, bed, being dorky, being weird, biting, black, blackberry picking, blacklights, bondage, books, bubble baths, cacrew, cake, camping, chatting, chipmunks, chocolate, choir, christmas, classic rock, classics, climbing stuff, comfy people, concerts, csny, cuddling, darkness, david bowie, david byrne, daydreaming, ddr, deep discussions, dippin' dots, disneyland, donuts, dreaming, duckies, elton john, elvis costello, epiphonies, eric clapton, evan, fantasy, feeling fuzzy, flirting, foo fighters, french, friends, fuzzy things, george harrison, getting dirty, grateful dead, helping people, hiking, homestar runner, hot chocolate, hugs, i love lucy, ice cream, imagination, indiana jones, individuality, janis joplin, jason mraz, jewel, jim morrison, john lennon, kissing, kitties, led zeppelin, licking, life's commonly overlooked oddities, lingerie shopping, love, mad caddies, making breakfast, making out, massages, memories, mexican food, milkshakes, monty python, music, musical trivia, neil young, originality, orson scott card, parties, paul mccartney, penguins, pesto, piano, pink floyd, playing guitar, poetry, poking, punk, queen, rain, ramones, raspberry chocolate, reading, red, red hot chili peppers, red pens, rolling stones, romance, rubber duckies, sci-fi, sex, singing, ska, skinny dipping, smoothies, snow, songwriting, spongebob squarepants, stevie wonder, sting, streaking, stuff, styx, sunsets, supremes, surrealism, talking heads, teddy grahams, the beach, the beatles, the cars, the doors, the who, tickling, tom petty, tony's house, tori amos, traveling, water fights, weezer, whipped cream, wilderness, writing