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For Oldtimes' Sake (and because I already wrote in my xanga)

People Q's:

Do you know anyone who has never left their home state?: Yes.
Name one person you hate, and why: There's this Nobody guy...
Who do you talk to most on the phone?: Evan, I guess. But we haven't talked much this week. Talked mostly to Kim instead.
Who is your enemy?: Have I got one?
If you had to get married now, who would you want to marry?: Jason Mraz. Or myself. Either one would drive me nuts... Realistically, though, I guess, um, Evan... Yeah.
Who do you have a crush on now?: Go figure. It's more fun that way.
Your best friend: Mollye, ImKim, Evan...
Who have you met online?: People. Some of them scary.
Who do you NOT want to meet?: Someone with a bucket of old fish guts and no balance.
Your first crush: Uhhh... My first kiddy crush was Niko Zook. My first real crush, which is actually kind of hard to determine, was probably Michael Hutchings, Tristan Payne, or Austin Sohl (in 7th grade when we were friends, before he got all popular and stuff).

'Would you' Q's

Would you try to take over the world?: Um, not really... Unless it was necessary, for some reason.
Would you chug beer?: Eck. No.
Would you date someone younger than you?: I have. I am. I would.
Would you kill someone?: I'm not sure if I could, in my right mind.
Would you cry if MySpace stopped working?: I think the world would experience a sudden gust of freshness and light.
Would you date someone you met online?: I had an eromance when I was a high school freshie. It didn't last long, but at least I got some good musical advice from it.
Would you flip off the pope?: ...No. Unless he really deserved it.
Would you pretend to be someone's bf/gf?: I have. It was a lot of fun.
Would you sell your soul to the Devil?: Maybe if I found out that he's really the nice guy and we've all had it all backwards or something. But I really don't think that's going to happen.

'Favorite' Q's

Orange juice or apple juice?: Orange.
What's your favorite store?: Uhhh... Trader Joe's? I don't really think about stores much.
Disney or Warner Brothers?: Old school Disney.
Favorite website?: Cacrew, yo!
Pink or blue?: Ooh, uhhh... pink! Or blue? =\
Hug or kiss?: Both!
Abercrombie or Hollister?: No thanks.
Cars or planes?: Cahs.
Favorite city?: I dunno. I'm not a city person. My favorite place on earth is Yosemite National Park.

'Do you' Q's

Do you still use film for cameras?: Nope. I want one of those cool old polaroid cameras, though.
Do you believe in hell?: Sorta.
Do you have any collections?: Yes. Music. Sugar Packets. Records.
Do you believe in free will?: Yes... Otherwise, what would be the point in asking?
Do you ever cook?: Yes. Lots. I love it. I'm awesome.
Do you pray?: Very occasionally.
Do you like having your picture taken?: Yes.

'Have you' Q's

Have you ever failed a grade?: No.
Have you ever walked more than a mile?: Yes. One time I stayed up all night, walked to Howarth Park at 6am, walked around the lake, walked to Will's house, and then walked home in (by then) 80 degree weather.
Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?: Yes. I remember a particularly hot time in front of a certain McDonald's. It's really fun kissing behind umbrellas too.
Have you ever driven a Ferrari?: No.
Have you ever fallen in love with a best friend?: Not best friend. At least not like that...
Have you ever told someone that you loved them?: Yes. Almost every day for longs times.
Have you ever tried to bite a dentist?: No.
Have you ever been high?: More times than I can count. Last time was Saturday night.
Have you ever gotten your tongue frozen to something?: An ice cube...
Have you ever considered suicide?: Yes.

Misc. Q's

When is your birthday?: March 17th
What do you think about homosexual marriage?: It's not my place to decide what others should do with their lives.
Are you registered to vote?: Yes.
What is one thing that annoys you?: Pushy and defensive people.
What do you think of reality TV?: Eh.
Name 4 things you always have with you: Cell phone, water, clothes, the usual accessories that I always wear...
Is there happiness in slavery?: Um, not usually.
If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: I'd stop being so freaking shy.
Do you use email, IM, MySpace, or phone the most?: IM... and Cacrew... and Facebook.
Where did you last go on vacation?: Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz last weeks
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