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An Example of Mental Erosion and Destraction Due to Lack of Food and Love of Music

You start to wonder about things when you've been with a guy for almost three years and he's always come through, one sweet, cute, adorable way or another, every single rare time you've ever begun to think that maybe things weren't right or considered doing some angry stupid girl thing. I mean, it's not like we don't ever get mad or that we don't ever have fights (however small and short-lived) or that things aren't ever hard or that the future for us doesn't ever look at all shakey or uncertain between us. Of course all that stuff happens. I think it's even good that it happens... But it's always turned out okay. Wonderful, really.

And it's funny to think that way back when we began, neither of us even expected that we'd last so long and grow to love each other so much. Haha, honestly, I gave it about four months, tops. That actually used to be a sort of long time to be going out for me, back when I said it. The longest I'd ever been with a guy then was, like, four and a half months -and the last two or something of that we barely even talked. So, yeahh... Um, I just forgot where I was going with this because I got distracted boogieing to Al Green. Oh yeah. It's been a really fucking long time, compared to what I expected. And that's a cool thing. Yeah.

Eee!! Jason Mraz! I love Jason Mraz! *ahem* >_> 0_0 <_< ^_^ I may have gone just a little bit brain dead and crazy from hunger and dehydration due to drooling over that intoxicatingly delicious dinner smell that's been filling the house for about three hours now, but I think mostly that any lover Jason Mraz's music, especially if they are female, can't help but have a giddy attack when "i'm yours" starts to play... Now that I feel like a dork and the song is over, though, um, next subject, I guess. I washed a bunch of windows and shutters today. Ate some tuna and cheese and crackers. With milk. Danced around the kitchen, par usual... Yup. It's been an exciting day. I think I should go eat dinner now. So, in a nutshell: Bob Dylan is cool. Evan and I are awesome, go us (that means I love you). I'm crazy and can't stay on topic. And Happy Valentimes Day. Go watch the new TGS.
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