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Me Being Corny and Dorky and Awesome That Way Again

Demetri the kitty likes bubbles. It's cute.

Today I thought I would try making a Christmas tree out of cardboard tubes and maybe some sticks and paper or branches or leaves or something, but my parents don't seem to like the idea as much. Thing is, it's my dad's turn to pick the Christmas tree this year, but he says he doesn't want a tree... But everyone else does. I know that my family might not be getting presents this year, and that's fine. We won't be decorating with lights because of global warming and because it runs up the electrical bill so much. My dad doesn't want to get the other decorations down either. I offered to do it (I usually do anyway), but my mom didn't seem to want me to because of my dad and because I guess "Christmas just isn't fun anymore" to her... It's kinda sad. I'm thinking maybe I should just make a tree anyway. And some paper snow flakes. And holiday sugar cookies and peanut brittle. In fact, I wonder what they would do if I spent the little money I have left to just go buy some little Charlie Brown tree. Just because stuff is hard this year and there's stuff to be down about, doesn't mean that we have to let it make us all humbuggish about Christmas! People get too stressed out this time of year. But if I've learned anything at all from the Grinch and the Whos of Whoville, damnit, my family (at the very least, us kids) is going to have a great Christmas this year! And Maybe I'll find "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" on YouTube and send it to my parents.

Completely unrelatedly, I really hope to do another scavenger hunt again tonight with friends because the last one was totally fuckign awesome, and now that every one's back, I've really been wanting to do one again. Besides, it'd be a cool way to show JaX's gf Jenna, who's down from Canada for a week, around Santa Rosa.

Also, I tried Evan's margarita last night and have decided that that stuff is like "Fucking LIFE in a cup!" Very uplifting and happy wonderful flavor... Um, granted, it was only virgin cause we were at Chevy's for Spen's birthday (yes, he looks cool in his green-trimmed sombrero), but someday if I can help it I will be trying the real thing. Haha, but first maybe I should wait until I'm a bit more mentally and emotionally stable again.... maybe. =D
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